We all know that staying active and training our bodies is one of the best ways to stay healthy. There are many benefits such as the reduced risk of heart attacks, stronger bones, muscles and joints, and increased energy.

But, did you know that training your body can also help you achieve things you couldn’t do before?

“When you train your body, you gain confidence and are able to do the things you couldn’t do otherwise.” – Myungseok Jung

Academic scholars from Public Health Practice state that ‘strong health training’ enables students to apply theoretical learnings in real-life situations. They highlight the importance of training the body – that  it can improve your confidence and allow you to achieve the things you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

This notion was also taught by Pastor Myungseok Jung. He used to give his members boot-camp-level training by taking them to steep mountains and encouraging them to reach the peak. Some members cried, saying that it was too hard to climb. Then, Pastor Jung would say, “No matter how much the Lord delivers his valuable words to you through me, if your body and mind are weak, you cannot put them into action. So, you should cultivate yourself by training your body.”

After they heard his words, all the members were inspired and agreed voluntarily to try climbing. At first, they couldn’t do it. But with Pastor Jung’s encouragement, they trained themselves and tried again. At the end they made it to the peak and were happy and joyful because they had something they couldn’t do before.

You need to train your body

If you don’t have the health and strength to do things, you cannot do it. Your health is the foundation for your actions. If your body isn’t strong and hasn’t been trained for the dream or goal you want to pursue, you won’t be able to reach that goal. Why? It’s simply because you do not know or just don’t have strength to do it. So first, you should train your body before taking action.

Do you want to achieve the things that you couldn’t before? First, train your body for the work you want to do. You should “Train and take action.” No matter how much information and knowledge you have around a particular work you wish to do, if you don’t train yourself for it, you will never accomplish it. Or you will just end up only thinking about that work.

For a long time, I had a really difficult time focusing. This was especially true for my studies. This was because of my back, which I had injured a few years ago from an accident. So, I did back push-ups to build my back muscles. I also tried to enjoy the challenges. When I continuously trained myself, it started to become a habit.

Do you have work that you wish to do but feel unconfident to do it? Train yourself first. You will be surprised with the ability and confidence you can gain from that training. If you want to read more, check out a section called “letters from the Lord” on this website. One of the articles also highlights the importance of training and taking actions. Go and try reading those articles too!