Daily Devotions

Good Words

God began history,
from a small starting point on earth.
From one point, God’s history began from Adam.
God never stopped giving us the Word.
His history continues to spread to the ends of the Earth.
And His Word is changing the world.

How to Avoid Being Indecisive and Changing

I know many of you may have experienced “changes.” They’ve either been changes of your physical appearance or your mind. You know, those situations where you feel cold and think, “Agh! Too cold. I wish it was hot…” and when you actually feel the hot sun, you go “Agh!...

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Why You Should Train Yourself

We all know that staying active and training our bodies is one of the best ways to stay healthy. There are many benefits such as the reduced risk of heart attacks, stronger bones, muscles and joints, and increased energy. But, did you know that training your body can...

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Choose Wisely by Thinking Differently

Your friend wants a laptop. But because he knows nothing about technology, he decides to ask you to advise him on what to buy. He wants a long-lasting laptop, and asks you to help him find a laptop that lasts long. So, you browse and found one. You recommend that...

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Invest Your Time Well: Why and How?

“If you invest time well, you will gain twice or ten times as much later on”.- Jung Myung Seok Let’s face it. At least once in your life, you have heard the importance of time management. Lots of people say, “You need to manage your time well,” and often, businessmen...

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Make Fantastic Things Happen by Taking Action

In the Arabian Nights stories, there is a particular character popularized by Disney. His name is Genie, and he dwells within the lamp a treasure hunter named Aladdin finds. Genie appears when Aladdin simply rubs the lamp and grants Aladdin the power to make a wish...

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