Messages From God

Good Words

God began history,
from a small starting point on earth.
From one point, God’s history began from Adam.
God never stopped giving us the Word.
His history continues to spread to the ends of the earth.
And His Word is changing the world.

Know the Holy Spirit and Receive.

When you have perception and knowledge of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will work even more intensely upon you and thus, you will be full of the Holy Spirit’s grace. God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son are absolute Deities. Therefore, even if we want to learn about just One Being, the Holy Spirit, there is a vast amount to learn.

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How To Live A Happy Life

  There are many reasons people can't be happy. Some aren't happy because they have nothing to eat. Others aren't happy because they have nothing to wear. Still others say they aren't happy because they have no where to sleep. However, the real reason people aren't...

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