I was evangelized in Chicago in 2010. So I’ve been in Providence Church for about seven years now. I came to Providence Church after I heard the Word. And for me, after hearing the Word, it changed my life. It changed the way I see God.

Why did you decide to join Providence Church?

I remember hearing the message about counterpart love, my first Bible lesson. It was so amazing. I sat down there with my evangelist, and I was just crying. From since I was young, I grew up a very strong Catholic. So all we hear about is we should love God as a father. We learned we were simply children. So I never really heard any message that talked about loving God as a bride, as a counterpart.

I was so inspired, and I cried a lot that day during my first Bible study. And I promised myself to only live for the Lord, to be one with the Lord. I wanted to be united with the Lord and do the Lord’s Will. Ever since then, I’ve continued to study.

What is your favorite lesson?

My favorite lecture is the Fall. Because as a Catholic in the past, you think that the apple is an actual apple. You don’t know the significance.

Yeah, so ultimately, it’s the Word. It’s a transforming factor. And I thank Pastor Jung Myung Seok for giving that Word. I used to be a young girl who was so weak and so down. Little things made me fall apart. But with the Word, I gained the fire of the Holy Spirit. I gained a lot of strength. And I gained wisdom, a lot of wisdom.

Sometimes, when I speak, I think, “Is it me speaking?” It’s not like the same person.

I gained a lot of wisdom from the Word. I gained a lot of truth, and I gained a lot of happiness. So I’m so happy. I’m so cheery.

The Word has really changed my life. And with that Word, I know the direction to take. And I want to live only for the Lord.