Christmas has already passed and 2018 has come! I hope all of you reading this article has enjoyed your holidays and received the gifts you were wishing for and are having a HAPPY NEW YEAR! As for me, I received a rose gold ring as one of my Christmas presents.

While looking at my ring, I thought of a story I once heard…

There was a guy who wanted to buy a 24k gold ring for his fiancé’s gift. He got into his car to drive to the shop. The sun was shining a bright gold color; the weather was spectacular! He knew he would find the perfect ring.

On the way to the shop, he saw another ring shop. It was slightly unusual to see a ring shop on the side of the street but it was one of the well-known ring shops. So, he thought it still would be good if he could buy a ring from there.

Then he saw it. The perfect ring that he was looking for. It was shining so brilliantly. He felt like he just had to buy it.

But remember, his ultimate goal was to buy a 24k gold ring. So he asked the owner several times, “Is this gold 24k?”

The owner said, “Nope, rose gold. It is 18k. But trust me, 24k gold will be hard to find in this country!”

The man didn’t know much about rose gold, but because the ring looked so beautiful, he purchased it believing it to be 18k at least, hoping his fiance would love his gift. He paid one thousand dollars thinking that it seemed like a suitable price for such a beautiful ring.

Wearing his ring proudly while keeping his fiance’s gift inside his pocket,  he returned home. He looked as if he had won a gold medal from an Olympic race or like a soldier who finally gained victory from a long, cold war. When he proudly showed the ring to his friend, a terrible surprise was waiting for him.

Turns out that the rose gold ring wasn’t rose gold at all! It was made out of COPPER! He paid one thousand dollars for a copper ring… no diamonds, no gemstones…  just copper. His dream was completely shattered.

So, if a person does not know, they can only suffer loss. There is nothing that wrongs human beings more than their own ignorance. Before going, he could’ve done extra research on the ring that he wanted. Right? It was something that he could easily have done, but he didn’t do it.

A lot of these kinds of situations occur in our everyday lives, where we suffer losses financially, mentally, and physically. It all happens because we do not check, or are completely ignorant in the first place.

With the body, the pain is only once. But, because your spirit lives forever, they continue to be tormented with no promise to end. So it is one hundred, one thousand times more painful.

But wait, you’re probably thinking, “What? Spirit? Eternal suffering? You’ve got to be kidding me,” because maybe you haven’t heard that our spirits could suffer at all, especially not due to our own ignorance. Or maybe, you do believe in the spirit, but did not think much about how our own action and ignorance could affect it.

But that in itself is ignorance isn’t it?

Just like how the man believed that his ring was rose gold without checking, we often believe that our bodily and “spiritual” conditions are fine even though our actions are making it unhealthy.

But just like the man wouldn’t have known unless his friend told him his ring was fake or unless he himself did research on it, we ourselves won’t know how our actions and ignorance affects our spirit (or even what our spirit is) if somebody doesn’t tell us or if we don’t research on our own.

So who can help us?

If you don’t have a friend to ask, you can ask us!

If you don’t know where to research, you can browse through the articles in this website. We have organized it for you so it’ll be easier for you. ?

Try it! Try learning about the eternal things while you are alive. Why not? It doesn’t hurt. And you will escape the fate of being ignorant of such matters. Try reading and listening to the resources available on this website. Worse comes to worse, you will just gain some more knowledge. But I assure you, the knowledge that you will find on this blog will definitely change your thoughts and your everyday life.

The man in the story only lost one thousand dollars due to his ignorance.

If we are ignorant, we may lose not only our money, but our precious time – which is more valuable than a million dollars, and something we can never get it back.

Don’t know where to start? Try reading another one of our daily devotionals. Trust me, it will not only enhance your physical knowledge, but feed your spirit as well.