1 Corinthians 14:40

But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way. 

To be orderly means doing things in the right orderTherefore, you will get things done only if you do them in the right order.

There is a correct order when it comes to living life. It is like a math formula.

If you calculate things out of order, you will not find the answer even after a lifetime.

The same is true with living life.

Nature and seasons also come and go in the right order.

The same is true with flowing water.

Water that gushes out from a spring first will flow down first.

A tree also sprouts leaves, produces flowers, and bears fruit in the right order.

Daily life also should be lived in the right order.

There is a reason the Holy Trinity work upon people at certain times but do not work upon them at other times. It is because people treat Them out of order. As a result, they end up missing the right time.

God absolutely does things in sequence and according to order.

Lets say you prune a tree’s branches first before applying fertilizer. Because the tree cannot absorb the fertilizer, it will not grow during that time. However, let’s say you apply the fertilizer first in the early spring like you would fertilize a grapevine. If you prune the branches after that, the tree will grow properly.

Trees must be managed in the right sequence in order for them to grow properly.

The same is true for life.

In this way, take action every day without changing the proper order of your daily life.

The Trinity will give the appropriate things at the appropriate time. That is the right order.