Haggai 1:14

So the LORD stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and the spirit of Joshua son of Jozadak, the high priest, and the spirit of the whole remnant of the people. They came and began to work on the house of the LORD Almighty, their God,

You need to be excited in order to work properly and take action with hope, gratitude, and joy.
~ Pastor Jung Myung Seok


May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you in abundance.

Today, I will speak about excitement.

When it comes to excitement, people tend to only think about physical excitement or the excitement of love.

But that is not everything.

The state in which you like something, or the state in which you are happy about something is what excitement is.

Excitement is a driving force that motivates people to take action.

People don’t like to do what they don’t like to do. People don’t like to eat things that they don’t like to eat either.

Let’s say you don’t like to exercise. Then even though exercise is good for your health, you won’t do it, right?

We need to use our excitement in more profound ways

If you think of excitement only in terms of the excitement you get from a girl or guy, then you cannot use your excitement extensively and in a more profound way.

Excitement is something that can make your heart hot or cold.

Excitement can make you like something. And it can make you happy, worried, or nervous.

Sometimes excitement makes us do things we don’t want to do. But that just goes to show how powerful excitement is. It has the power to change the state of our heart and thoughts.

You need to use your excited state well in order to do various works with hope, joy, and happiness.

How can we make ourselves excited about something?

When it comes to excitement, you will not be excited if you just sit still. You need to think, take action, and do work.

For example, let’s say you have work you need to do. If you want to be excited about doing that work, you need to keep thinking about it and do it. If you sit still, then you’ll never get excited even if you sit all day long. And since you aren’t excited, you won’t want to do the work at all.

If you think in the wrong way, you won’t realize the essence of excitement. You will only keep thinking about physical and base love.

Therefore, you need to learn properly and think well.

There are hundreds of types of excitement in life.

Whatever it may be, if you like it, are happy about it, and think and take action while being set on fire with hope, you will be excited, and you will take action with joy and hope.

What about prayer or putting the Word to practice?

You also need to pray while being in an excited state. Then you will be able to pray well.

In order to do so, you need to frequently seek the Trinity. And when you pray, say what you need to say and make it a habit to converse with Them deeply.

Otherwise, your prayers will be shallow, so when you pray, you won’t feel happy or joyful.

If you are like that, you won’t pray much.

You need to also listen to and take action upon the Word in an excited state.

Since there are many things you don’t know, you should listen to the Word repeatedly. You should concentrate on the Word while trying to realize deeply.

And then if you reach a point where you start wondering what God will teach you next, so you feel eager to listen to it and are happy when you do listen to it, then that point is your state of excitement.

At that point, you will put the Word to practice and will get to know the taste of taking action.

It’s not just about prayer and the Word

This isn’t true just for prayer and the Word. It is true for everything. If you like what you think and do, then in that regard, you are excited.

If you like shopping and get so into it that you don’t notice the time passing by, then both your thoughts and actions are excited about shopping.

And if you like eating and get so into it that you don’t notice the time passing by, then both your thoughts and actions are excited about eating.

“It’s not only physical love that excites you. If you think about something and do it while feeling happy about it, then you are excited about it.”

When you become excited, you can even do difficult tasks because you will like it and be happy about doing the task. If you don’t like it and are not happy with it, any task can be difficult.

That is why liking something and being happy about it is truly significant. In order to like something and be happy about it, you shouldn’t sit still. You should think and take action. Then you will be filled with excitement, and you will do what you must do.

This is the case with everything in faith.

You need to like and be happy about the work that you are responsible for. Then you will do it easily without much difficulty.

Even pastors like Jung Myung Seok face difficulties as well

One day, in the middle of doing something he had to do every day, Pastor Jung Myung Seok got exhausted. So he said, “Do I really have to do this again? It’s so hard. I’m sick and tired of doing this.”

He was so sick of the work he was doing because it was tiresome and difficult. The work seemed overwhelming and he was tormented by it. At that time, he really did not want to do it anymore.

So in the end, he decided to reduce the amount of work he did for that area.

But after he did that, he thought to himself regarding the other work he had left, “Dammit! It would be comfortable if I didn’t have to do this either.”

However, when Pastor Jung Myung Seok didn’t do the work he was supposed to do, problems occurred. Problems popped up one by one as much as he didn’t do the work he needed to do.

Since he had to do it eventually, he prayed about thought about his situation deeply.

At that time, the Holy Spirit gave him inspiration, “You need to like the work you are doing. You should love it and do it while being excited. Otherwise, your brain nerves will reject the work. And you will hate it in your thoughts. So you won’t be able to do it. Realize the Trinity’s Will so that you will like the work you are supposed to do. And be happy about it. Make the state of your heart good, happy, and excited. You also come to love something when you like it and are happy about it, right?”

After hearing the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, Pastor Jung Myung Seok didn’t think of the work he was doing as only work. But he also thought about the joy and satisfaction of saving lives.

And he thought about the Will and the purpose of the work and thought about why it was joyful and delightful.

When he did that, he was able to write sermons and do other things in an excited state. He came to like doing those things and was joyful. And doing the work was no longer difficult. The more he did it, the more miracles kept on taking place.

It’s the same with you as well

Think about the work you have to do each and every day. Oftentimes, you say, “Do I really have to work again today? Do I have to study again? It’s hard, and I’m tired of it.”

I am sure this has happened to you whether you were doing physical or spiritual work.

When that happens, think about the purpose of the work you are doing. Think about the satisfaction you will gain and do the work while being joyful within the Lord.

Regardless of what work you do, you need to do it while being excited. Then the work won’t be difficult, you won’t feel tired, and you won’t get sick of it. Instead, you will feel satisfied and you will fulfill the purpose as much as you take action.

It’s the same for studying. You need to study while liking and being joyful about it. Then the knowledge you learn will be stored in your brain, and you will remember it easily.

As much as you study, you can use your knowledge in a wonderful way, physically and spiritually.

To summarize

What you like and are happy about is excitement. You need to be excited. Then you will do things properly. You need to be excited. Then you will take action with hope, gratitude, and joy. If you just try to do something, then you will be doing it by force. If you do it like that, it will be difficult. You will get sick of it, and even if you do the work, it won’t work out properly.

If you take action on something that you like and do it joyfully, you will do it properly because of your excitement. And you will end up doing all things with hope and thanksgiving.

Those who are willing to do the work they have to do, try to do it at any cost, even by making small snippets of time throughout their life.