Revelation 2:10

Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.


May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you abundantly.

Now is when the true history of resurrection begins.

Everyone around the world is living while fulfilling various kinds of resurrection. The history of resurrection happens when the dead comes to life. I am not referring to physical death. Resurrection happens when something that couldn’t function before functions normally again. The history of resurrection can also happen spiritually. People who did not believe in God now believe, or people who did not know now know. They have realized and have come back to life.

There are various kinds of resurrection. However, from a historical standpoint, you who did what you needed to do while bearing the cross with the Lord are heroes who have resurrected in terms of time.

Even if you haven’t done anything great, you have kept your faith. You still followed the Lord even when things were difficult and hard. That itself is great work.

Some people work hard and the things they do fall short of expectations. But each person has still done what they needed to do. That is why they have gained much and have become victorious.

Everyone, for running the good race until now. Good job!

Today, I will speak about true joy and glory.

True joy and glory comes after you finish what you need to do

Glory you enjoy without doing what you need to do is a temporary kind of joy. It’s like going out to get something to eat. But for the glory you enjoy after doing what you need to do, it lasts eternally. What you have done remains in history, so you can continue to enjoy it.

Jesus did everything he needed to do. He even bore the cross, and after that, he resurrected in glory. As a result, he enjoyed that glory throughout the New Testament and beyond.

You should first do what you need to do before enjoying the glory that comes from completing that work. If you don’t, you will be like a person who borrows money to host a party. But if you do what you need to do, then you are like someone who celebrates after earning money.

The Lord has carried the cross for you. Therefore, you just need to do what you need to do. Then you will receive the blessing of glory and joy.

Since you won’t be able to enjoy all of that glory in spirit, I hope you will enjoy it while you live on this earth for the rest of your lives as well!

The Lord has fulfilled everything. He has paid back the debts of our sins and given us hope.

Whether what you do is small or big, you get to enjoy glory and joy from doing it. You also fulfill the rapture after doing what you need to do.

Since everyone did what they needed to do, I bless you to enjoy the glory and joy of resurrection with the Lord. I hope that you can testify as you take action with the Lord in ways that are fitting of this time.

Now is the time when we should gain the joy and glory of resurrection

Being dead and coming back to life—you have to know how much of a miracle that is.

God liberated the world from the domain of death and brought it to glory after certain points in time. These times come after 40 years, 400 years, or 4,000 years of tribulation.

In Moses’ time, God liberated the Israelites after they lived as slaves in Egypt for 400 years. They eventually achieved the glory of resurrection in the Land of Canaan.

The Protestants achieved the glory of resurrection when God worked through Luther to begin the Religious Reformation.

After Ito Hirobumi from Japan invaded Korea, Japan occupied Korea for 40 years. But after that, God liberated Korea, so they also achieved the glory of resurrection.

The Israelites suffered for 4,000 years in the Old Testament before God sent the Messiah. Through that, God gave humanity the glory of the New Testament.

God takes action following the times.

While the Lord is bearing the cross of the times, death swallows up the living. But when he resurrects and comes out, death returns what it has claimed.

Therefore, many people will resurrect.

In Moses’ time, Egypt swallowed up the Israelites. But when the time came, the Israelites left, so Egypt could not tie them down anymore. The Pharaoh tried to go against God’s will, but God responded with the ten plagues. And when God struck their newborns, Egypt let the Israelites go.

God has done the same in this era as well.

When a fox captured a farmer’s livestock in its mouth, the owner came. Since the fox did not let go, the owner cut off its neck. So the owner released his livestock from the fox’s grasp.

God has dealt with those who have devoured His beloved ones

For a long time, Satan has held God’s people in his mouth. He has made them suffer and didn’t let go. In response, God sent His angels who worked with the Lord to cut off their necks. He sent them all to Hell, a place for the spiritually dead.

In this way, you should catch the snakes that have entered your house. They can be your enemies or simply evildoers, but you must catch them. Do all the work you need to do while walking the path of life. Even if it’s hard, if you do it, you can hold a celebration of glory at the end.

While the Lord was bearing the cross, he did what he had to do, caught Satan, and imprisoned him. Satan will suffer for 1000 years.

The people Satan used in the world will also face judgment and suffer in Hell. Some of them will repent and return to the side of God.

Heaven is a place that cannot exist without first removing Satan and evil. The same is true for the times, each nation, and each individual.

Those who get rid of Satan and evil in their lives first will fulfill Heaven on earth as well. And through their bodies, their spirits will fulfill Heaven in the spiritual world.

What must we do now?

Now that the Lord has imprisoned Satan and we have resurrected, we need to do the work of this era. You have to do what you failed to do in the past.

You must not miss the time of resurrection, the time of glory.

When farming, if you throw a tantrum in the course of working, you won’t be joyful. Farming won’t go well, and you will be irritated when you harvest in autumn. Even when you eat what you have harvested, you will be cranky.

The same is true with faith. I hope that you will give the Trinity fiery thanks, joy, and glory at this time!

This is a year of hope and thanksgiving. So I hope you will do what you need to do with thanksgiving and joy.

Don’t do it while feeling irritated and don’t force yourself to feel that way either. Do it because you love God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.

Two types of people go to prison. The first are people who forget about the past and live thinking it is a time of self-discipline. The other are people who are so tormented that they try to kill themselves.

Since God’s time of resurrection has come, I hope you will not fight and hurt one another but live joyfully.

Otherwise, the hope and glory you feel will be less than what a felon in prison enjoys.

I hope that you will not bind yourself, but petition God while loving the Holy Trinity. Give glory to Them, who created the Earth. They have given us creation and a purpose in life. So you should live enjoying happiness and glory while doing what you must do.

Blessings spring up from within yourself

If you follow the Lord, you gain blessings every day.

The Lord will ultimately take care of evil by separating them out. So in extension, he will resolve our irritations, worries, concerns, and anxieties as well.

When there was a rainstorm, I took a bath and scrubbed my body. When there was a snowstorm, I went skiing and sledding. And when the waves rose, I spent time surfing, fishing, and catching exotic sea creatures.

If you are people who believe in, follow, and love the Lord, I hope that you will all do the same.

People live or die depending on their moods. They fly or crawl depending on their moods as well. If you get irritated, both joy and strength will disappear.

You can control your own mood as much as you try, but why do you choose to be in a bad mood?

When evil people tried to drag me off, the Holy Son said, “I am next to you. Let’s see what they do. They will ultimately end in punishment.”

In the past, people persecuted us, but now, things are different right?

Confess your sins to the Lord

I want everyone who has sinned to tell the Lord. Since the time of glory has come, the Lord will set you free. The joy of setting sinners free is also the Lord’s joy.

If you hide your sins, the Lord will have no choice but to leave you alone since it’s your responsibility.

If you confess, God will tell you through the Lord, “Now, do not ever sin again. Since you have repented, I will give you the work of glory. Save lives with Me and wear a spiritual crown.”

You have to adorn yourself neatly, do the work you have to do, and save lives. Then you will wear a spiritual crown.

If you don’t have any merits, you will be like a person whose head is shaved bald.

The more you evangelize, the more splendid your crown will become.


Resurrection applies to those who are dead.

While the Lord was bearing the cross for us, we also lived in a state of death even though we were physically alive.

Now that the Lord has finished bearing the cross and has overcome everything, he has locked Satan in prison for a thousand years!

Through this, those who tormented the righteous will go into fear and suffering. And the righteous will resurrect and achieve joy and glory!

You will resurrect and achieve glory according to what you have done centering on God’s Word!