When you turn on the TV and see Hollywood stars, you see people who seem to be more beautiful and special than you. Their stories make them shine as well. Regardless of whether they look good or bad, people admire them. They appear in popular TV series, so people say, “Wow! They look so cool! I like them! They must be special! Really different from us!” However, when you see them for who they actually are, they are also human like us.

When you display an item in a high-class department store, they seem very special and expensive. But when that item is displayed in an average store, they seem less special than when they were displayed in a high-class department store.

Some things are priced high for the sake of fame or authority. Some things are bought at a high price because they are trending. There is no common standard, and sometimes it is unreasonable. For example, some laptops are worth the price you pay, but some aren’t.

When you look closely, you will see things that are incomparably better even if they are not classified as special in the world

Recently, I was discouraged because of my short height. I always wished to be tall like the models on TV. Because of my small height and chubby cheeks, people tend to view me as an easy target to scam. Also, because of my shy nature, it’s hard for me to speak up to them. I admire people who are beautiful, pretty, and confident. But something changed in my thanks to my pastor, Jung Myung Seok. When I listened to him preach, he really gave me confidence and strength. One of the messages he gave was how “people become fixed in a way that their constitutions and thoughts are accustomed to, so they think only in that set way.

More and more I realized I had such negative thoughts. But when someone is really positive and tells you how to live a better life, you start to listen to them and change yourself, wanting to be like that person. That was my case. At first, I didn’t really understand him. But the more and more I listened, the more and more I realized! He never ever was negative. When he was going through really tough times in his life, beyond imagination, he always encouraged others and helped people who were in need. Through his teachings and encouragements, I realized something.

I acknowledged how special I was

Whenever I had negative thoughts, I started to think positively. I read positive articles, quotes and words. That positivity really changed me. Reading this article, you may wonder. How?  Can positivity really change me?  I don’t think I am special enough to live… But yes. You are special. Because you are special, you have the ability to change!

You can read Pastor Jung’s message that inspired me on this website and see for yourself. Try it. The more and more you read, the more you will see yourself change when you put try to apply his advice to your life!

Plus, don’t be afraid to talk to us! We are ready to listen to you!