Do you want to know how to develop stronger faith? In order to have stronger faith in God, we have to know properly about the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God. If we don’t know clearly about it, we don’t know clearly about Jesus. And if we don’t know clearly, we can’t do what God created us to do.

Whether you are talking with your lover, your parents, or some stranger, you have to listen well. If you do, then you can understand them and interact with them properly. It’s the same even if they communicate with you through letters or a book. You can understand a person through the things they’ve written.

God organized and wrote the Bible through people over a period of 4150 years. The Bible contains the things that God has done and the things He has said through prophets. Some people recorded what prophets said immediately while others recorded their inspirations or visions. The Bible also talks about the things believers of God did throughout history. Some of it dates back to thousands of years ago. Even though people didn’t record those things immediately, they eventually did write them down. But since we didn’t live during those times, it’s hard to know clearly about what God has done.

Believers simply believe because we are told that God did those things. However, when we read the Bible, there are a lot of things we don’t understand. That’s why people explain and understand the Bible in so many different ways. And when people are told to believe, it’s hard to believe because it doesn’t seem to coincide with reality. That’s why there are a lot of problems. Even though people want to have good faith, they have doubts.

That’s why you have come today to learn how to develop stronger faith. But before we get into that, we need to understand a bit about Jesus and the Bible.

How did Jesus understand the Bible?

As Jesus taught the Bible, he said, “I will reveal to you things hidden since the creation of the world.” Creation here refers to the 4000 year history that happened before Jesus came. He meant he would teach us about the things we couldn’t understand in the Bible. He told people about what the Bible foretold. A day will come when they will know everything and when God will fulfill all his prophecies.

When Jesus was evangelizing the Samaritan woman next to the well, she said, “Your teachings are impressive. I heard when the Messiah comes to Israel, he will proclaim all things to us.”

At that time, Jesus said, “Since I taught you everything. I am the man who was to come. I am the person, the Savior, the Messiah who was to come.”

When Jesus told her this, her eyes were opened and she realized.

When Jesus’ disciples preached the Word in a clear manner, miracles and signs happened. So when people heard them preaching and heard Jesus, they thought, “Isn’t he the Savior we have been waiting for?”

Because Jesus taught the Bible properly, people thought he was the Messiah. This happened in more than one place. And as a result, they asked Jesus to show them God. They asked because he taught about the Bible well.

What is the Bible?

The Bible is the best selling book in the world. It is the book that contains the most amount of information about God. And God is the most famous, most powerful, and most authoritative being in existence. Furthermore, the Bible contains the most things God has done. It is a book that contains the most about what Jesus has done as well. And it also talks the most about how people have succeeded by obeying God’s Word. On the other hand, it also contains the most about people who have failed by not listening to God’s words.

There are people other people consider great, like movie stars, kings, and what not. But thinking about what I’ve said now, has your perception changed? The Messiah sent by God is the greatest because he saves mankind. If the Messiah didn’t exist, people would all go to hell instead of heaven. The Messiah is the one who resolves people’s life problems.

We have inventors that are great, wealthy people that are great, and politicians too. But all those people cannot compare to the Messiah because he is the one who brings people to God’s kingdom. No one else can teach us how to develop stronger faith.

Becoming wealthy is something anybody can do if they put in the effort. We can become rich without going through Jesus. And we can invent new things without Jesus as well. You can see this by looking at history.

However, until Jesus appeared, no one could be saved properly. Everyone had to wait for salvation until that point. People who were dead waited in spirit, and people alive waited with their physical body. But when Jesus came, that’s when God started salvation history.

Through Jesus, God proclaimed the Word of life. That is why the Messiah is the greatest person of all.

Who else can teach you how to develop stronger faith?

How Jung Myung Seok learned the Bible

I’ve read the Bible many times in the course of my life. I can confidently say that Jesus was the one who taught the Bible to me. Of course, God is the absolute authority on the Bible. But you know, He’s busy. He’s like a king. And kings are busy. So I told Jesus, “Jesus, I believe you are the Messiah. Please teach me, Jesus.” And Jesus taught me.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Listen to what I have to say and see for yourself. Did Jesus really teach this guy called Jung Myung Seok or not? Because there are things that I know that no one else knows. Why don’t others know? I don’t know. It’s up to Jesus.

From my experience, I really wanted to know about the Bible. I didn’t just pray for one or two years. I prayed for more than fifteen years to learn properly about the Bible. This isn’t something that you can do with willpower alone. Later, I realized why I was able to do it.

I told Jesus, “If you teach me, I’ll learn from you.” And he told me, “Okay, I’ll teach you.” I realized that Jesus wants to teach everyone. In Matthew, it says, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Of course, I also learned from a seminary. But those people only taught about the theories they thought were true but actually weren’t. So I got frustrated and stopped learning from them.

The Bible is something you have to learn

There are other books you can learn from, like the Buddhist or Confucius scriptures. There are many kinds of books like the Bible. Every religion has its own scriptures. But the Bible contains stories of the things God has done. And God is the greatest, wouldn’t you say? Buddha and Confucius cannot compare to God.

And the Bible contains all the greatest things God has done. That’s why if you want to know how to develop stronger faith, you have to learn the Bible well. Learning the Bible is the pinnacle of learning. For me, after I learned the Bible, I became the revival speaker I am today. It was easy after I learned how to develop stronger faith.

I didn’t learn the Bible all at once. I learned a little bit at a time. Over a period of 20 years, I learned the core principles of the Bible.

Beginning today, you can learn them as well. I will start with the basics. And after each successive lecture, the lessons will get progressively deeper and better. The things that religious people throughout the world are curious about and the fundamentals people haven’t learned about yet, these are things that I have learned and will teach you.

It took me 20-30 years to learn everything. By the time I finished learning everything, I was well into my 30’s and almost entering my 40’s. That’s when I first began teaching the Word. And when I taught the Word, people were shocked from the first lesson.

Today, I am going to give you your first lesson. Listen and see whether it will shock you or not. Okay?

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